ORIGINAL:  48 x 36 inches, Oil on Canvas

Painted for Loren's September 2014 show at the Legacy Gallery, Bozeman, Montana.  

Loren's inspiration: "The painting "Recoil" is about never quitting.  It's about the new beginnings in the cycles of our lives.  The painting illustrates a cowboy who has roped a calf and brought him to the ground crew for branding, vaccinating and other attentions the calf may need.  The cowboy is recoiling his rope to go get another calf.  Everything in life is about cycles.  For the cowboy, it's about recoiling his rope to drag another calf to the fire.  For me as an artist, it's about recoiling my inspiration and creative rope to go find another painting or meet another show deadline.  With each new painting, with each gallery or museum exhibition, the cycle starts over again with the determination that the next painting- the new exhibition of paintings, will be the very best of my ability.  I hope that this painting inspires you in your own life, in whatever way your recoiling is represented- to meet each new day with the determination to stick to it and never give up until your ultimate goals and dreams are achieved."


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